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Gorui high pressure served for: The Chinese academy of sciences institute of applied chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences DeLiSuo nanjing, Chinese academy of sciences institute of modern physics, engineering, institute of physics, Chinese academy of sciences hot Chinese railway ministry, the fourth period, China shipbuilding industry corporation, hebei mechanical science research institute, China's agricultural machinery science research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, shandong academy of sciences geological, shengli oilfield, joint brim, unified enterprise, Coca Cola, Pepsi cola, plus million (WangLaoJi), snow beer, Shanghai jiaotong university, air force aviation university, southeast university, jilin university, chongqing university, nanjing university of technology, henan university of science and technology, dalian university of technology, China agricultural university, hebei industry university, Beijing university of aeronautics, huazhong university of science and technology, zhejiang university, south China university of technology, and a number of well-known enterprise institutions.
Typical Customer application
In the workshop of smoke and dust processing field, especially toxic harmful smoke free-pollution disposal areas,Goorui high-pressure blower has been quietly hold it's position, for the environmental protection industry building!
At present, Goorui high-pressure blower with the partners, China's flue gas monitoring and dust collection, dust explosive, smoke harmless handling etc make a contribution.
With more and more strict the requirements of environmental protection, as well as personnel quality consciousness rise ceaselessly, the control of the environment for factory, Goorui together with partners , create more miracles.
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