Product Details

Side Channel Blowers are used in demanding industrial environments for vacuum or pressure applications. They are non-contacting, dry running and virtually maintenance free and are modern replacements for old Siemens pumps and Elmo pumps.

Goorui developed a high quality range of Side Channel Blowers to rival other EU manufacturers and in many instances, they are inter-changeable with the Siemens elmo 2BH, G-Series pumps.

Teflon Coating Blower:

Goorui regenerative blowers are available as customized units.

Blowers can be modified for special applications requiring different surface treatments including Teflon coatings, anodizing, white epoxy paint, stainless steel paint and custom paint colors.

Bases can be fabricated from stainless steel and drilled with inspection ports.

Special motors include explosion-proof, premium efficiency and chem duty.

For the handling of gases other than air, e.g. steam, indistrial gases and mixture of explosive gases, special gas tight units can be manufactured.

In case of corrosive gases, all the internal parts can be treated or lined with protecting coatings.

  • Gas leak proof die cast aluminum casing with anti-corrosion surface treatment
  • Viton lip seal
  • Specific suction filter for biogas application with strainer
  • Closed-coupled electric motor
  • Fully assembled skid (tested and painted)