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Q: Why is my blower so hot?

A: An overheated blower is typically a sign of excess back pressure. Make sure your relief valve is adjusted appropriately. If possible, test the amps your blower to verify whether the amp draw is within the parameters stated on the motor tag. For further assistance, please contact us.

Q: Why is a relief valve important?

A: A relief valve relieves unwanted pressure build up, known as backpressure. Excess back pressure will burn out a blower’s motor or bearings. A relief valve can save you the cost of a replacement blower.

Q: My relief valve is not functioning properly, why?

A: Is it the problem of your application pressure or vacuum? Relief valves are reversible and for allowing them to be utilized for pressure and vacuum, your relief valve may be installed upside down. If your relief valve is installed correctly, try adjusting your relief valve to open at a lower pressure, it may be adjusted too tight.

Q: What maintenance does my blower require?

A: Virtually none. There is no need to grease/oil the bearings as they are sealed and already lubricated when you receive your new blower. Our bearings are designed to last at a minimum, 20,000 hours

Q: Why my Side channel blower make loud whistle?

A: Below three reasons may caused this problem.
1. The blower is on default phase, at this situation, you can check the supply lead and switch on the power again.
2. The impeller is jammed, at this situation, you can open the blower cover and remove the foreign body.
3. There maybe something wrong with the motor bearing or blower bearing and you should replace them.