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about us

Why choose us?

Quality products - Quality comes first

For ensuring providing the high quality products to our clients, we focus primarily on the quality of all the raw materials or components from our suppliers.

15 years’ experience - Understand your requirements

We are the leading manufacturer of side channel blowers, with 64 core patents and over 15 years’ experience in the vacuum industry. Positive contribution in various industries declared long line of satisfied customers.

Comprehensive services - Engineering and procurement services

Our intention is to understand the needs of our clients and provide them with individual and appropriate solutions. Our customized solutions include turnkey installation, operation training and other subsequent services.

Tests and measurements - Targeted solution proposal

For better understanding your requirements and specifically refine the solution proposal, we will do some necessary tests and measurements to get the related technical data under your permission.

Individual Access - Each project is original

It is necessary to correctly understand the nature of your problem and get all the necessary information. Only then we can decide what kind of technologies, materials, components or accessories should we use. We prepare a specific design solutions tailored for your application with an emphasis on functionality and low energy consumption.